Get Sparked Terms & Conditions, and FAQs


Our Permanent Flash Bracelets are professionally welded together around your wrist (no clasp or lock!) for an extra dose of sparkle, as a friendship bracelet, or to mark a special occasion. 

Each bracelet is sized to fit perfectly around your wrist, and is meant to be worn forever (or as long as you want to) 💕 

Please note that: 

1. As slots are limited, we require a PHP1,000 non-refundable deposit to secure your slot. This entitles you to One (1) gold-filled bracelet of your choice. You can upgrade to a sterling silver or 18k gold chain during your appointment for an additional fee.

2. One slot can accommodate a maximum of two bracelets, (2 bracelets for 1 person, or 1 bracelet for 2 people), so please plan accordingly.

3. Your appointment time includes choosing your chain, getting it fitted, and having it welded on, please arrive at the shop 10 minutes before your appointment so you have ample time to settle in. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if you arrive later than your appointment time
4. Bracelets are attached via a welded-on jump ring. We use a 10K solid gold jump ring for gold filled, and solid gold bracelets (note that there may be a slight variance in shade due to karat difference); and a 925 sterling silver jump ring for 925 sterling silver bracelets.
5. The weld point on the jump ring may be slightly misshapen, and may have a darker color due to the intense heat it is subjected to during the weld-- it will be polished to be as seamless as possible but we cannot guarantee it will be invisible.
6. These bracelets have been tested rigorously-- but do remember they're still dainty chains, so wear with care! If your bracelet falls off within thirty days of your appointment, let us know ASAP, so we can schedule a complimentary re-welding appointment. Re-welding will be free as long as we determine upon inspection that it wasn't deliberately cut, or pulled with unnecessary force. A minimal re-welding fee will be required otherwise.
7. For x-rays, MRI's, or if you’d simply like to (permanently!) remove your bracelet, simply use a pair of nail cutters to snip off ON THE JUMP RING'S WELD POINT. If you’d like to have it welded back on at a later date, we can certainly do that for a small re-welding fee.
8. The deposit fee is non-refundable, but we’re happy to rebook your slot at a later date for free, provided you give us MINIMUM 2 DAYS NOTICE
9. Once payment has been sent, you will receive an e-mail within 24 hours that will acknowledge payment receipt. Kindly show this email along with the received acknowledgement upon arrival at your scheduled date and time. No acknowledgement email, no booking.
Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Is it painful? 
- Not at all! There's a small popping noise, accompanied by a spark + very minimal warmth, and you're done!
2. Can I pass through airport security? 
- Yes! We've personally tested this ourselves with multiple permanent bracelets, there were no problems whatsoever. 
3. Why do this?
- Why not? Permanent jewelry definitely isn't for everyone, but think of it like getting a sparkly, removeable tattoo, but guaranteed remorse-free. 
4. Can this be shipped? 
- No. Permanent jewelry is an in-person experience. If you'd like any of out bracelet design however, we can send them to you with a lock, and you can have it welded on the next time you're in the area!
5. What designs are available? 
- Best to check out our instagram highlights under: Get Sparked! To check chain availability!
6. I need to remove the bracelet! What do I do? 
- Sorry to hear that! If you need to remove the bracelet for any reason-- you can just cut the jump ring with a pair of sturdy scissors, or nail clippers. Set aside the bracelet, and we can reweld this for you on a later date for a small rewelding fee.